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Brief / Idea:
May 11th is the start of 5.11 Tactical's Annual 5.11 Days Sale and this year we needed to guide our email customers to be inspired about the big 20% off deal. I was tasked with designing cohesive emails for six consecutive days that can energize our email list to purchase each day. As well as design a story via color, typography, and imagery to matched the brand esthetic of 5.11 Tactical. This project includes top banners to promote the sale on the LAPG website home page and top banner as well. I was given a 3 day time span for completion design and coding of all assets in this series.

The design concept started with the knowledge that the two most important elements to highlight in this design were the 5.11 brand itself as well as the generous 20% off sale. From there I made the decision to use the 5.11 logo as one of the main elements for the first email along with the website banners. I began this effort by grabbing the beautiful orange used on their logo mark along with the 5.11 text and framing the story of these tactical men and women exploring the world. Knowing the key elements many variations were sketched before beginning the design process on the computer.
Day One Email Marketing Campaign Email:
Within the final elements for each specific category highlighted sale email blast. For example with the 20% Off 5.11 Women's gear email I introduced multiple elements such as color swatches, individual item sale information, as well as highlighting extra category banners at the base of the email other sections of 5.11’s large product base (Bags, Shorts, Polo's, & so on).
Multiple Email Marketing Campaign Emails Sent Highlighting 5.11's Full Product Line:
Using analytics we noted that even if an individual didn't see a product they liked on the email itself these secondary banner categories at the base of the email made it 18% more likely a customer clicked on the email. These email advertisements gave our customers a sense of adventure, provided them with a huge discount, & acted as a catalyst for 37% direct traffic sells of 5.11 Tactical on
Feedback from customers:
The data suggested our customer base preferred large hero images a great sale discount & option categories located at the end of each emails.
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