Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Marketing Campaigns

Ad Creation Process:
Conceptualization: Collaborated with the marketing team to develop the creative direction for each ad, ensuring alignment with our campaign's message and visual style.
Design Execution in Adobe InDesign:

Layout Design: Using Adobe InDesign, I designed the layout for each ad, balancing text and imagery to create a cohesive and engaging visual story.

Typography: Incorporated our tagline "Caring. Compassionate. Committed." as a prominent header, followed by the supporting text: "Henry Mayo staff members stand strong in their commitment to take on any challenge and provide top-notch care to our patients."

Call to Action: Strategically placed calls to action to guide readers to our website for more information, ensuring they are prominently visible and compelling.

Customization for Advertising Partners:
Ad Sizing and Formatting: Adapted each design to meet the specific requirements and dimensions of our advertising partners, such as local publications like Santa Clarita Magazine.

Brand Consistency: Ensured all ads maintained brand consistency, adhering to our visual identity guidelines.
Photography and Image Management:

Photography Coordination: I spearheaded the coordination of photo sessions, working closely with both internal staff and external photographers to capture compelling images that reflect our commitment to patient care.

Image Selection and Editing: I meticulously selected and edited photographs using Adobe Photoshop to ensure they meet the high standards of our campaign. This involved retouching images, adjusting lighting, and enhancing colors to create visually appealing and emotionally resonant visuals.
Campaign Highlights:

Magazine Ads: Created visually stunning magazine ads that prominently feature smiling healthcare professionals interacting with patients, emphasizing our compassionate care.

Billboard Ads: Designed impactful billboard ads that capture attention and convey our message at a glance.

Skills and Tools Utilized:
Adobe Photoshop: Expert-level photo editing and retouching to enhance image quality.
Adobe InDesign: Advanced layout design, typography, and print-ready file preparation.
Project Management: Effective coordination of photo shoots and collaboration with various stakeholders to ensure timely and successful project completion.

This project showcases my ability to lead and execute a multifaceted marketing campaign from concept to completion. My expertise in photography coordination, image editing, and ad design, combined with a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of visual storytelling, has contributed to the success of our campaign in highlighting the compassionate care provided by Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital.

By demonstrating my proficiency in both creative and technical aspects of graphic design, this portfolio piece underscores my capability as a lead graphic designer and marketer, adept at creating impactful visual communications that resonate with our audience.
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