Join Our Team: It Pays to work with Your Friends
In creating the flyer and banner for Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital's RN Referral and Internal Transition Bonus Programs, our aim was twofold: to inform and inspire. Leveraging design principles that resonate with our internal audience, we crafted visuals that not only convey the program details but also enrich the workplace environment.
Understanding that our staff appreciates seeing familiar faces, we strategically incorporated images of coworkers and staff members to personalize the messaging. By showcasing real individuals who embody the hospital's values and culture, we aimed to evoke a sense of connection and community, reinforcing the idea that referrals and internal transitions are not just transactions but opportunities to welcome new members into our family.
The design elements were carefully selected to enhance readability and visual appeal. Bold typography and vibrant colors draw attention to key information, ensuring that the $10,000 bonus offer stands out prominently. Clear and concise language communicates the eligibility criteria and payout structure, empowering staff to understand the program details at a glance.
Moreover, the inclusion of imagery depicting teamwork and collaboration reinforces the message that every referral and internal transition strengthens our collective efforts in providing exceptional care to our patients. By aligning the design with our organizational values and employee preferences, we aimed to create a flyer and banner that not only inform but also inspire action, driving engagement and participation in these valuable programs.
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