The End of Our World (story):
In a not to distance future all "normal" flowers are dead we can only enjoy them as they are created by the radiation coming off the metal doors of the shelter we call home. A new process of growing food via crystalized metals is all we have left for nutrients its been a process but we all have trained our bodies to break down the materials.
Time has been sowing down and little is known about the world outside our walls. A nuclear war brought death upon our world the end of nature as it once was. Left in a radiated wasteland hidden across America in bunkers we fight to survive eating processed metals and drinking chlorinated alkaline water.
We use bitcoin as the only currency that is available for trade from bunker to bunker it helps us survive through this hell we call life. There is only one way to make enough BTC to stay alive and that is...
Using a Fullscreen-Scanner:
You must collect the best specimens growing around the base floors and use your Fullscreen-scanner to document / download the DNA power composition of each flower and upload each image via the great the Bitcoin NFT-DNA se·quenc·er. We sell these scans that break down the most powerful of the flowers for the highest bidder. Each new flower or item we find brings with it its own abilities to the owner of the NFT some even have the ability to let the owner live in the nuclear wasteland. Each flower has to be digested to gain its properties.
It’s so dark and wet at times here underneath this rotten melted nuclear wasteland we call the earth. Time has taught us how to produce what we need in nutrients it’s not what people would have called normal in the past… morbid if you will but it’s how we stay alive in hell. We found that a new kind of flowers bloom and grow extremely well on metal and the marrow off human bones.
Old ancient catacombs have been come treasure troves of life for the now… living? Unsure if you can call this living. We have moved all the skulls we can collect and added them into a grow lab to increase the size of our beautiful bounty of sustenance. We call theses broken artifacts of bones, metal, crystal’s and flowers omertàs for they hold a deep secret of life inside. These omertàs don’t possess the power and ability of the naturally grown flowers we can sell in the Bitcoin NFT-DNA se·quenc·er unfortunately.
I'm sure you know the history of the "Husks" but here is the story I was told a long time ago...
We call these anamorphic humanoid devil-husk units early models of cyborg tech created by the company that blanketed our night sky with unholy satellites. These Dev-Husks or aka masterminds could be reprogrammed from their neck ports and that is why they became so hated
An enemy would sneak into an outpost drop in some time lapse code and within hours full outposts would be dead. As time went on the word is that the Ai, which nuked the world, started experimenting with injecting human souls (copies of human personalities and body parts that the Ai felt fit it’s needs) within the husks. Yet, you will soon find that there are many killers in this world.
Husk Units types:

Devil-Husk aka Dev-husks or masterminds

Ai operations systems interface -Upload conciseness into them Different so systems can be uploaded as well
“The Atonement” (book) detailing the Dark Riders along with Photographs::
Lucky for me I found a strange paper book that held stories of the dark riders from the deepest desserts twisted husks of human flesh warped by the sun and radiation from the end event. Time was cruel to them as they hunted for food and battle with starvation alone on the trails. You don’t find many things like this written on paper anymore but I could read a few of the gnarled pages of what was labeled “The atonement” on the cover.
The inscription on the inside states that it holds photographs of these Dark riders - humans that lived in the desert after the nuclear blast and how they have altered.
This NFT is made of multiple AI renders and then finished off by Bryant W digitally in Photoshop creating new elements, adding patterns and refining this AI generated creation with other images.
This particular AI art generator required Bryant W to add text prompts in order to make images. Overtime he has learned to fine tune their prompts, work on renders, style, dictate mood and to land on the final esthetic for Fullscreen-Scanner’s NFT storyline and creative direction.

FullScreen-Scanner | Opensea Collection

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