Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Nursing Accomplishments Booklet (2022)

In collaboration with Evelyn Ku, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, I designed a comprehensive booklet to highlight the accomplishments of our nursing staff over the year 2022. This project aimed to celebrate the dedication and achievements of our nurses, reinforcing our commitment to quality healthcare.

Project Overview
The booklet was crafted with a focus on consistent branding, employing our hospital's logo colors to ensure a cohesive and professional presentation. It served not only as a record of the past year's milestones but also as an inspirational piece for our staff and the broader community.
Design Elements
Color Scheme and Branding: 
The booklet utilized the official Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital colors to maintain brand consistency. This visual strategy was crucial in reinforcing the hospital’s identity and ensuring the booklet aligned with other marketing materials.
Layout and Typography: The design featured a clean, modern layout with a balanced mix of text and imagery. Typography was chosen to be both professional and readable, ensuring that the information was accessible to all readers.
Imagery and Graphics: 
High-quality images of our nursing staff and hospital activities were integrated throughout the booklet to personalize the content and celebrate our team visually. Info-graphics and charts were used to present data on our accomplishments clearly and engagingly.

Content Highlights
Leadership Messages: 
The booklet included heartfelt messages from key hospital leaders, such as Evelyn Ku, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, and Robert Pretzlaff, MD, MBA, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, and Chief Clinical Officer. These messages acknowledged the hard work and dedication of our nurses, particularly during the challenging times brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Nursing Achievements: 
Detailed sections were dedicated to various nursing accomplishments, such as the reduction of central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) and hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs). These achievements were presented with specific data points to highlight the significant improvements made over the year.

Awards and Recognition's: 
The booklet celebrated individual and team achievements, including the DAISY Awards, which recognize extraordinary nursing care. Testimonials and excerpts from nomination forms were included to showcase the compassionate and exceptional care provided by our nurses.
Quality and Patient Safety Initiatives: 
Highlights of the Quality and Patient Safety department's projects demonstrated our commitment to improving patient outcomes and ensuring safety. The booklet detailed efforts like enhancing electronic medical record (EMR) systems and implementing new patient care protocols.

Impact and Reception
The Nursing Accomplishments Booklet was well-received by the hospital staff and community. It served as a powerful tool to boost morale, recognize the exceptional contributions of our nurses, and communicate our ongoing commitment to excellence in patient care.

This project underscored the vital role of thoughtful design in communicating complex information and celebrating organizational achievements. It is a testament to the collaborative spirit at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital and our dedication to supporting and recognizing our healthcare professionals.
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