Nursing Shared Governance Program Booklet for Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
(Below is the back and front cover spread)
Project Overview: 
As the Lead Designer for Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, I was tasked with creating a comprehensive and visually compelling booklet to support our application for a grant aimed at enhancing our Nursing Shared Governance Program. The education department sought to highlight our program's excellence and achievements in the most professional manner possible to secure the grant and stand out from other applicants. This project was crucial for the hospital as the grant would significantly bolster our nursing staff's empowerment and participation in shared governance, ultimately improving patient care.

Design Objectives:
Develop a clean, professional design that aligns with Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital's branding. Use high-quality images of our nursing staff that I personally took and edited to emphasize the human element of our program. Ensure the booklet's layout effectively communicates the core values and successes of the Nursing Shared Governance Program. Highlight key personnel and their contributions to reinforce the depth and expertise within our team. Maintain consistency with the hospital's color palette and branding to ensure a cohesive visual identity.
Key Features:

Cover Design:
A modern, clean cover featuring the hospital’s logo and the title of the booklet, ensuring immediate recognition and professionalism.
Use of the hospital's color scheme to maintain brand consistency.

Introduction and Mission Statement:
A welcoming letter from Dr. Joseph L. Greene, DNP, RN, Director of Staff Development, expressing gratitude for the grant opportunity and outlining the importance of the Nursing Shared Governance Program. Detailed explanation of the purpose, mission, and vision of the Nursing Shared Governance Program, emphasizing its role in improving nurse engagement and patient care.

Program Overview:
Description of the shared governance model and its benefits, supported by research findings on its positive impact on nursing practice and patient outcomes.
Breakdown of the grant allocation and planned activities, including a convocation on shared governance and regular council meetings.

Steering Council and Key Personnel:
Profiles of the Steering Council members, showcasing their qualifications, years of service, and roles within the hospital. This section highlights the diversity and expertise of the team driving the shared governance initiative.

Featured members include Chris Kistner, BSN, RN; Ana Y. Hernandez, BSN, RN, WCC; David Bernard, MSN, RN; and several others, each contributing unique skills and experiences.

Visual and Graphic Design Elements:
High-resolution images of nursing staff in action, capturing the essence of their dedication and teamwork. These images are strategically placed to complement the textual content and add a personal touch to the narrative. Clean, easy-to-read typography that enhances readability and ensures that important information is easily accessible. Use of info-graphics to visually represent data and program milestones, making complex information digestible and engaging.
Outcome and Impact:
A detailed account of the expected outcomes and impact of the Nursing Shared Governance Program, supported by metrics and success stories from within the hospital.
Testimonials from staff members and leaders, reinforcing the program’s effectiveness and the hospital's commitment to excellence in patient care.

The booklet was submitted as part of our grant application, and we successfully secured the grant. The professional design and comprehensive content effectively communicated the strengths and potential of our Nursing Shared Governance Program, helping us stand out among other applicants.

This project underscores my ability to combine strategic design with impactful storytelling, ultimately contributing to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital’s mission to deliver superior patient care. By highlighting our nursing staff's accomplishments and the program's value, the booklet played a crucial role in advancing our goals and securing necessary funding.
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