Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital's Trauma Center 40th Anniversary Celebration

Project Description: Overview
In celebration of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital's Trauma Center reaching a significant milestone of 40 years, I was tasked with designing a comprehensive suite of materials to commemorate the event. This included invitations, event posters, directional signs, a welcome sign, and a specially designed logo for the anniversary. Additionally, I documented the event through photography, capturing moments from speeches and activities involving both internal and external stakeholders.
Design Concept:
Logo and Branding: To symbolize the Trauma Center's enduring service since 1984, I created a logo that prominently displayed the words 40 years a Trauma Center as well as "1984-2024" to highlight 40 years of dedication along with cohesion and recognition.

Event Materials:
Invitations: Featured the new 40-year anniversary logo as a central theme, ensuring they conveyed the importance of the occasion and invited recipients to join in celebrating this milestone. We highlighted the phrase "Join Us" in large white font over a bold red background, reflecting the urgent and life-saving mission of the Trauma Center.
Event Posters: Large, visually striking posters were created to advertise the event within the hospital and the community. These posters utilized the bold red and the anniversary logo to draw attention and generate excitement.
Directional and Welcome Signs: Directional signs and a prominent welcome sign were designed to guide attendees to the event locations. These signs also featured the anniversary logo, maintaining a consistent visual identity throughout the event space.
Event Photography:
During the event, I documented the proceedings through photography, capturing the essence of the celebration. Key moments included speeches by notable figures such as:
Santa Clarita Mayor Cameron Smyth, who shared a personal story of gratitude towards the Trauma Center.
Dr. Louie-Marc Contreras, Chief of Staff, who highlighted the center's role as a "beacon of hope and resilience."
Marlee Lauffer, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, who highlighted the importance of the donation and work of Betty Burke-Oldfield whom spurred the drive to create a Trauma Center in the Santa Clarita Valley community. Marlee also emphasized the importance of the Trauma Center's mission and its impact over the years.
These edited and color corrected photographs provided a visual narrative of the event, showcasing the heartfelt gratitude and recognition from the community and hospital staff.
The 40th Anniversary event successfully celebrated the Trauma Center's legacy and ongoing commitment to saving lives. The cohesive branding and visual elements I developed played a crucial role in creating an atmosphere of pride and achievement. The event was well-received by attendees, and the visual materials, including the anniversary logo, were instrumental in reinforcing the hospital’s message of care and excellence.

This project demonstrated my ability to manage a comprehensive design initiative, from conceptualization to execution, and showcased my skills in graphic design, and event photography. The success of the event not only highlighted the Trauma Center's achievements but also reinforced Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital’s dedication to compassionate and exceptional patient care.
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