Project: Culture Reset Training Event

The Culture Reset Training Event was a collaborative initiative involving leaders from various disciplines within Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, including Monica L. Goodwin, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Vicki L. White, Randy Pazen, and Yusef Adams. Over the course of three weeks, our interdisciplinary team developed a comprehensive training program aimed at fostering a positive and inclusive organizational culture.

Project Overview:Β 
Our primary objective was to instill a culture of excellence and accountability throughout the organization. To achieve this, we identified six key principles that formed the foundation of our training program. These principles included kindness, effective communication, patient-centered care, professionalism, integrity, and teamwork.
Design Concept:
As the lead designer for the project, I played a pivotal role in developing the visual components of the training program. One of my key tasks was to create a series of videos highlighting best practices and exemplary behavior based on the six key principles. These videos served as gold stars, showcasing how to embody the highest standards of conduct in the workplace.

Simultaneously, I spearheaded the redesign of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital's visual identity, aiming to reflect the institution's core values and aspirations. At the forefront of this initiative was the transformation of the company motto, "WE CARE," into a symbol of emotion and empathy. Entrusted by Kevin A Klockenga, President, and CEO of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, I crafted a logo featuring the phrase "WE CARE" elegantly intertwined with a heart symbol. This heart, resembling a ribbon, served as a visual representation of compassion, unity, and dedication to patient care, all while aligning with the hospital's established branding for instant recognition.

Additionally, I developed the tagline "We are the Heart of Henry Mayo," encapsulating the hospital's commitment to providing compassionate and patient-centered care. This tagline adorned posters and uplifting marketing materials distributed throughout the event venue, acting as a beacon for cultural transformation.

The redesigned logo and tagline played a vital role in reinforcing the key messages conveyed during the training sessions, symbolizing the hospital's renewed emphasis on empathy, collaboration, and excellence in patient care. Together, these visual elements contributed to a cohesive and impactful training program that resonated with both staff and patients alike.
The Culture Reset Training Event had a significant impact on the organization, fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement. By empowering employees to embrace the six key principles in their daily interactions, we aimed to elevate the quality of care and service provided to patients and their families. Our ultimate goal was to position Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital as a four-star institution known for its commitment to patient-centered care and employee excellence.

Key Collaborators:
Monica L. Goodwin, MSN, RN, NE-BC - Director, Nursing Administration, Patient Experience
Vicki L. White - Chief Nursing Officer
Randy Pazen - Director, Leadership, Organizational Development
Yusef Adams, MHA - Director, Performance Excellence Office

Training Topics:
10:5 – A Kindness Hack
A.I.D.E.T. Standard of Behavior
Bedside Handoff
Managing Up
Service Recovery
Hourly Rounding: 5 Ps
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